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How does the league work?


We play a total of 7 weeks on Wednesday nights or 10 weeks on Thursday nights. Each week your 4-6 player team will be randomly matched up with an opponent. You will play the best of 3 games. Each week 3 points will be awarded. For example, if you win the first game (played up to 10points) you will be awarded 1 point and you will play another game. If you win the second game you have won the best of 3 and will be awarded 3 points and your opponent will receive a goose egg. If you win the first round and lose the second, you will play a 3rd round (sudden death) up to 5 points. If you win that round you will receive a total of 2 points and your opponent will receive 1 point. At the end of week 6 all of the points are totaled up and the top 14 teams will make the playoffs. Your total points will determine your rank in the final tournament bracket. The finals are structured as 1 and done. Each game will played up to 10. The final matchup is a best of 3.

What size are regulation balls?


The balls are 107 mm or 4.25 inces. The weight is not given. Pallino is 60mm.

How big are our courts?


Bocce League of Rochester courts are 37' x 7'.

Who can play?


It's social and generational. It's a great way to share time with friends, family members and meet new people. Our league is for those 18 years and older.

What is the proper pronunciation of "bocce"?


Webster Dictionary shows the pronunciation as 'bä-chE. Phonetically this is "botchee".

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